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The Superpowers of Silica

The Superpowers of Silica

Silica, a nutrient-rich mineral found in the earth, is also naturally present in the human body. You may think of it as that little packet of tiny bead-like balls found inside shoe boxes and handbags to keep moisture from building up, but it is much more than that! Like many super substances however (like collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc), the countenance of the nutrient-rich quartz flake linked to youthfulness and skin elasticity tends to drastically decline as we get older.

But wait, there’s good news, too! Silica can be collected from the Earth and transformed into consumable substances. From ingestible pills to topical solutions, gels and creams, the benefits of Silica are accessible to us in various forms.

The Benefits

Silicon is the essential trace element that is derived from silica, which is crucial to the formation and maintenance of connective tissues in the body. When it comes to skin elasticity, silicon is the element that increases levels of hydroproxine (an amino acid required for collagen) in the body tissues. By creating bonds between the protein molecules responsible for the skin’s capacity to hold onto moisture, it allows for cell repair and renewal. A natural inflammatory, it has also been known to help with eczema and psoriasis.

Beyond repairing body tissue, you may be surprised to discover that silica works wonders for hair, nails, skin and even the gums and teeth! It is known to bring more luster and shine to hair, and to help it to grow longer and faster. By carrying nutrients to the hair follicles, it helps to supply hair with the fuel it needs to grow thick and strong. By helping to balance the body’s hormonal balance, it also succeeds in helping to prevent hair thinning and hair loss.


Silica is easiest to apply in either a liquid or a gel format. If used as a gel, you can apply Sili-Mer Gel in a thin layer to the face like a beauty mask, and peel it or rinse it off with water. You can also create a powerful hair mask with it by applying the same principle. In liquid format, Sili-Mer Solution may be used topically as a cell regenerator.

While the effects of silica are more potent than many expensive beauty treatments, silica remains one of the most cost-efficient of its caliber. When buying Silica in any of its forms however, it’s important to keep a close eye on the actual quantity of Silica contained in each dosage, aiming for at least 20mg per dosage or a countenance of at least 0.2%. Sili-Mer Gel and Sili-Mer Solution from HerbaSanté are powerful yet cost-efficient options, with 30mg per dosage. Lastly, regardless of which format you select, be sure to read the product label instructions for the best results possible.

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