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HerbaCLINIC philosophy

We help healthcare professionals and store advisors develop their knowledge of products from the Herbasanté-Alterra range. HerbaCLINIC is a continuing education platform that will help you accompanies beyond the ordering of a product.


At Alterra / Herbasanté, we believe in a holistic view of health.

The compartmentalisation of the different systems of the human body cannot be done. You have to take into account a vision unique, systemic because each system of the body is intimately linked. What Alterra / Herbasanté offers is more of a hundred formulas that act as much on transient acute ailments as on health conditions chronic targeting all age groups. Combining short-term therapeutic solutions such as long-term options with our formulas, it is always possible to act on your land with the formulas designed in that sense, in the holistic sense.

The design of the formulas is done from a holistic perspective to meet your needs. Like the health problems are more and more complex and multi-factorial, the development of products is done by taking
account for this complexity.

HerbaCLINIC is meant to be an evolving and organic educational place.
The goal is to offer you relevant information on the products, the ingredients that compose them and to put certain aspects of daily life which afflict us psychically and bodily in the foreground. The logic observation, clinical experience, reflection and science are present.

Hoping to charm you with this formula which is intended to be scalable.
Herbasanté has proudly been leading the way towards a healthy and natural lifestyle for over 35 years!