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For digestive disturbances, stimulates digestion
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Reduces mental fatigue, energy tonic
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Execalm Cream

For Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives and Itching
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  • Boost your immune system this winter
    November 29, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    Boost your immune system this winter

    There’s no doubting the beauty of fall. The colourful leaves and cool sunny mornings make it the ideal season for walks with friends and family and enjoying your favourite hot drink.  However, this is the time of year our immune...

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  • Develop your brain power!
    September 23, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    Develop your brain power!

    Rich in DHA, NEUROMEGA supports brain performance and helps regulate the mood. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for brain development. Low omega-3 intake may increase the risk for various cognitive or emotional issues in children. A diet rich in essential...

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  • Silica, an essential for the skin
    August 10, 2022 Herbasanté CA

    Silica, an essential for the skin

    Did you know? Silica is an essential trace mineral for healthy hair, nails, bones and arteries. It helps support both inner and outer beauty.  We know that silica is just as important as essential macrominerals like calcium or magnesium. Like...

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