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  • Osteo-Med


    Indications: Osteoporosis Osteopenia Fracture Bone metabolism disorder Decalcification Calcium deficiency during pregnancy Each capsule contains:...

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  • Multi-V-Min


    Indications: General tonic Powerful antioxidant Mental and physical performance Optimizes metabolic and cellular functions (mitochondria, krebs c...

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  • $22.95


    Indications: Labyrinthitis Buzzing in ears Dizziness Inflammation of the mucus in the eardrum Reduced hearing Shrinkage of the eardrum Dosage: 2...

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  • Cholester-Aid x 180 Capsules

    Cholester-Aid x 180 Capsules

    Indications: With Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10 and Serrapeptase Lowers cholesterol Reduces elevated levels of LDL Liver congestion Liver protector, Hepat...

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  • Ginkgoplex


    Indications: Memory Concentration Trouble paying attention and/ or memory trouble with old age/ young student Ingredients: Gingko Biloba MT...

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  • Arthriplex


    Indications: Arthritis Rheumatism Ingredients: Apis 14x, Belladonna 14x, Urtica Urens 10x, Ranunculus Bulbosus 4x, Rhus Tox 10x,Arnica 5x, ...

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  • Homeotension


    Indications: Maintain Cardiovascular health Composition: Plumbum Metallicum 10x, Baryta Carbonica 8x, Belladonna 8x, Aconitum 10x, Gelsemium 10x...

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  • $35.95


    Confusion Disorientation Trouble Memory issues Slowness of thought Slow motion Feeling of mental fatigue Uninterested Indecision Weakness and pros...

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  • Osteoplex


    Indications: Osteoporosis Osteopenia Pain caused by fractures Growing pains Composition: Calcarea carbonica 8x, Calcarea fluorica 8x, Calcarea ph...

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  • Juvena


    Indications: Inflammed and non-inflammed dermatoses Tissue inflammation Arterial and cerebral inflammation Slowing of the endocrine functions Slow...

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  • Cell-A-Vie x 60 Caps

    Cell-A-Vie x 60 Caps

    Indications: Cell Nutrition Superfood Ingredients: Herring/Clupea harengus ................................. 250 mgPandalus Borealis (Asta-Pro...

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  • Adrenergy


    Indications: Adaptogen Adrenal support Relief of stress symptoms (such as intellectual fatigue and the feeling of weakness) Maintain cognitive...

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  • Cerebromed


    Indications: Helps to improve cognitive functions Ingredients: Hericium erinaceus...........175 mg Ashwagandha..................100 mg Vinca Mi...

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  • Sili-Mer-G5 Solution

    Sili-Mer-G5 Solution

    Indications: Arthritis Rheumatism Decalcification Osteoarthritis Brittle hair and nails Cellulite & stretch marks Various lithiases (stones) N...

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