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Bug Off: Keeping Insects at Bay the Natural Way

Bug Off: Keeping Insects at Bay the Natural Way

1. Stay a Step Ahead

Knowing which bugs are lurking and where will help you stay one step ahead of them. Bugs typically gravitate toward damp or moist areas, like swamps, forests or grassy areas.

2. Cover Up

Lightweight, long-sleeved clothing is helpful in keeping bugs at bay. Adding an extra layer between you and the bugs will help to deter them from landing on and biting your skin. Clothing made from synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and rayon are more tightly-woven, which helps block out bug bites.

3. Lace Up

Just like covering up with extra layers of clothing, wearing sneakers or full shoes while outside during bug season is your best bet for avoiding nasty bites around your feet. Be sure to wear thick socks that rise above your ankles to provide additional protection

4. Forget the Fragrances

Studies have shown that floral scents and fragrances tend to attract mosquitos, so it can be a good idea to skip perfume if you plan to head out into the great outdoors to enjoy the weather during bug season.

5. Sweat It In

Bugs and insects are attracted to the chemicals in your breath and more specifically, your sweat. They are equally attracted to movement and heat, which means they are more likely to cluster around you when you break a sweat. If it’s at all possible, try to get your workouts done inside during bug season.

6. Wear Bug Repellant

Despite the lengthy precautions you may take to keep the bugs off your back, mosquitos won’t hesitate to make an extra effort to bite through your shirt, socks, or even crawl into your running shoes if they’re hungry enough! It goes without saying that you may also be reluctant to wear too many extra layers due to the heat, so it’s ideal to arm yourself with a little extra critter protection in the form of a bug repellant. From their offensive smell to the controversial complications chemical bug sprays have been denounced to impose on our bodies (purported cell damage, allergic reactions, nervous system interference, etc), play it safe by opting for a natural product before heading out into exposed insect areas. Although certain spices like Lemongrass and Cinnamon have been touted for warding off insects for short periods of time, products containing Grindella, Cedron and Urtica Urens are your best ally. Mozi-Q is a natural, edible tablet you can chew up to 30 minutes before heading outside, and contains all of those ingredients, plus Ledum Palustra and Staphysagria, which aid even further in the natural repellant of bugs. Safe for all ages, Mozi-Q also successfully reduces pain, swelling and itching in cases of already-bitten skin.

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