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Get Your Glow On: 7 Steps to Radiant Summer Skin

Get Your Glow On: 7 Steps to Radiant Summer Skin

1. Keep it Clean

Make sure your face is constantly clean will help to keep your skin sparkling for summer. Dust and sweat tend to clog pores and incite irritations, so be sure to wash your face well each morning upon waking up and each night before you head to bed.

2. Exfoliation Nation

Scrub off winter’s wary coat with a daily exfoliation routine. Toss an exfoliation glove into your shower to ensure you integrate this crucial radiance habit into your day. Grab a natural exfoliating product and gently scrub your skin, following the instructions on the product packaging. Rinse off excess and dry skin.

3. Sublimate your Skin

Once skin has been topically cleaned, go a step further by applying a silica solution or gel to its surface. Silica is known for absorbing toxins on the skin, helping to keep it clear of blemishes and imperfections, in addition to boasting a plethora of other benefits. The silicon found in both silica solutions and silica gels, like Sili-Mer Solution and Sili-Mer Gel both from Herbasanté, helps to slow the aging process, helping skin to appear smoother and more radiant. For a deeper understanding of the benefits and uses of silica, click here for a dedicated article on the topic (link to be inserted).

4. Moisture Mask

It’s important to rehydrate the skin each morning and night, especially after a cleansing or exfoliation. Lather on your favourite natural moisturizing product, making sure to choose a facial moisturizer that is specifically designated for the face’s gentler skin.

5. Drink Up

As the heat rises, you’ll require more water countenance in the body to stay hydrated. Be sure to add an additional 2-3 glasses of water to your regular water intake (6-8 glasses per day maintains a safe baseline).

6. Slather on the Sunscreen

Bronzed skin may look great, but it isn’t necessarily healthy. While there is nothing wrong with soaking up a few rays, it is essential to protect your skin properly before heading out into the sun. We recommend a minimum of SPF 30, applied 20-30 minutes before you are exposed to the sun. If you’re getting into the water, be sure keep reapplying it as soon as it gets washed off for optimal protection. A little sunscreen now can go a long way in minimizing sun spots and has even been known for delaying the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Just Breathe

You may be surprised, but the clothes you wear can actually be the culprit of a vast number of skin issues and irritations. As temperatures change, your skin becomes even more sensitive to the fabrics you wear, so opt for natural tissues like cotton. To prevent and soothe skin irritations which are more common in extreme weather, apply a protective cream to your skin like Execalm from Herbasanté, which works wonders in preventing and treating skin conditions like eczema, edema, psoriasis and hives.

Recommended Products: Sili-Mer Solution, Sili-Mer Gel, Execalm.

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