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Essentiels du printemps

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    Indications: Allergy Prevention Prevents seasonal allergies symptoms Relieves seasonal allergies symptoms Dosage: 2 to 3 sprays under the tong...

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  • Parazap


    Indications: Symptoms accompanying intestinal verminosis and parasitosis: Teeth grinding Tics ans spasms Itching of the nostrils Anal pruritus ...

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  • Neuromega - Orange

    Neuromega Orange

    Indications: Contributes to (normal) brain development Contributes to the development of the eyes Contributes to the development of nerves Contrib...

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    Gentle DETOX KIT 12-day

    Easy and safe D-TOX cure. Made in Quebec since 1987. Toxins tend to accumulate in the liver, colon, kidneys and lymphatic system. To maintain a he...

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