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Biotox 100ml



  • Detoxes heavy metals and environmental pollutants
  • Decreases allergic sensitivity

Composition: Alumina 10x, Baryta carb 10x, Benzenum 8x, 10x, 18x, Cadmium metallicum 8x, 14x, 18x, Carboneum oxygenisatum 8x, 14x, 18x, Carboneum sulphuratum 8x, 14x, 18x, Cuprum metallicum 10x, Kreosotum 8x, 14x, 18x, Mercurius solubiilis 10x, Nux vomica 10x, Plumbum 8x, 14x, 18x, Solidago 8x, 14x, 18x, Sulfur iodatum 8x, 14x, 18x, Thuya occidentalis 10x, 20% vol Alcohol, Water USP.

Dosage: 20 drops under tongue 3 times a day for 33 days. Repeat every 6 months if symptoms stay the same. Take as is or dilute in 1 teaspoon of water. Keep under tongue for 1 minute.

Presentation: 100 ml (3.38 fl oz)