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Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

Your heart is your center, your driving force… it is the entity which animates you! Arguably the most vital organ in your body, it is thus essential to take close care of it to ensure its optimal health and performance. Integrate these ten small changes into your lifestyle to get you on the road toward better heart health.

1. Walk it out

Whether you exercise or not, taking a brisk walk is a great way to get your heart flow going. If you are already active, it is also a pleasant addition to your existing workout!

2. Bring on the breakfast

Start off your day with a serving of fruit and some whole grains, like oatmeal, bran flakes or whole wheat toast (hold the butter!). You can also use a yogurt or smoothie base, and add in a superfood like Chia seeds to pump up the protein, fibre and Omega 3s content in your bowl! Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure slightly, reduce blood clotting, decrease stroke and heart failure risk and reduce irregular heartbeats.

3. Go Nuts

Walnuts, almonds and other nuts are good for your heart. Grab a handful of heart-healthy nuts for your afternoon snack, add them to salads and sandwiches, or use them to replace meat in a pasta dish!

4. Sample the Sea

Instead of red meat, opt for fish and other sorts of seafood. Fish and seafood options which rich in Omega 3s and other vital nutrients are good for the heart, brain and of course, to your silhouette!

5. Just Breathe

Breathing deeply can help you relax, which can in turn also help lower blood pressure. Try engaging in a slow, deep breathing exercise for 3-5 minutes each day.

6. Keep your Hands Clean

Wash your hands well and often to daily protect your heart and health. Infections like the flu and pneumonia can be stressful on the heart, so do your best to keep them consistently away.

7. Keep your Oral Health in Check

Some studies suggest your oral and heart health may be connected. That’s because some oral diseases can lead to chronic inflammation that may affect your arteries. Keep your mouth healthy by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day! ;)

8. Keep an eye on cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is carried in your blood, required by your body for various vital functions. This said, an imbalance of cholesterol in your blood can eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke. Refer to your local heart foundation for more information on cholesterol, and ask your health practitioner about natural cholesterol-reducing remedies like Cholester-Aid from the Aterra by HerbaSanté range.

9. Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight not only feels and looks great, but it can also reduce the risk of heart disease and other health problems. Do you know your body mass index? Making sure your BMI and waist circumference are within recommended ranges is essential to overall health.

10. Think Happy Thoughts

Relish in the positive blessings, achievements and people in your life on a regular basis. Focusing on positive emotions have been linked with better overall health, longer lifespan and broader general well-being. Conversely, negative emotions like chronic anger, worry and hostility are linked with high blood pressure and heart disease.

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