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How to take care of your kidneys and your bladder

How to take care of your kidneys and your bladder

Urinary tract infections are very unpleasant, even when they are not severe. They usually affect women between the ages of 20 and 50, and symptoms appear suddenly.
The most common are pain on urination and urinating in small amounts, micro-scopic hematuria (blood in the urine),
a feeling of urgency to urinate and pressure in the lower abdomen.

The urinary tract is normally sterile and resistant to intestinal bacteria. The best protection against urinary tract infections is to completely empty the bladder when urinating. Other natural defense mechanisms keeping the urinary tract sterile are urine acidity, immunological barriers and the mucosa.

Women are physiologically more prone to urinary tract infections than men. Anatomy aside, risk factors for infection can increase due to hormonal variations (pregnancy), the use of tampons or contraceptive pills, and sexual relations. Ninety percent of bladder infections are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys govern body fluids and are considered the Root of Life. With their Yang energy, kidneys are our energy reservoir. Yang regulates fertility and growth, promotes willpower, strengthens bones and teeth, and thickens hair.

Western medicine and TCM share many common concepts regarding the function of the kidneys: 

-Eliminating waste through urine

-Maintaining normal hydration,
regulating the flow of fluids and
maintaining the balance of fluid metabolism 

-Producing essential vitamins

-Maintaining blood pressure

-Producing red blood cells and contributing to bone growth and maintenance through the secretion of hormones

In TCM, the emotion associated with the kidneys is fear. Have you noticed how fear affects some people, especially children, by making them suddenly likened to urinate? This also takes the form of bedwetting in children and of incontinence in the elderly. When our body is stressed, the adrenal glands sitting on top of our kidneys secrete fear-related steroid hormones.

Animals will urinate in several places to mark their territory. Human beings are no different in terms of territorial needs. Urinary tract infections often occur when someone is overstressed, or afraid of losing their home or of finding their place in a particular environment.

If you contract a urinary tract infection, an array of Herbasanté/Alterra products can help you. They are most effective when taken with pure cranberry juice. 

Urinex can reduce spasms and pain before, during or after urination.

Urinex also reduces excessive urination and
inflammation of the urinary system, and relieves
the feeling of tension in the bladder.
It is safe for children.

For greatest effectiveness, take the dose 30 minutes before meals.


Renalaide is indicated for various urinary disorders, strong urine odour and dark-coloured urine. Birch is a mild kidney detoxifier, and quack grass acts as a diuretic and decreases inflammation of the urinary tract.

Goldenrod is a well-known antiseptic and kidney detoxifier. Bearberry is rich in tannin, which helps reduce incontinence and promotes the retention of urine.
The active agent, arbutin, is a powerful antiseptic that is metabolized only in the urinary tract. The final ingredient is cranberry,
a vital agent for treating recurring urinary tract infections. 


Mushrooms are being increasingly recognized for their efficacy in this field, and with good reason.

Cordyceps – a regenerative agent for the kidneys,liver, adrenals, spleen and lungs – helps improve renal function. Cordyceps can also improve the immune system and boost vital energy.




If you need to take antibiotics, be sure to include Probiophilus in your health regime.

It is a formulation containing 12 billion bacteria per capsule.
This probiotic helps to restore the gut flora and create a healthy gut environment after a course of antibiotics.

Pathogenic bacteria feed on refined sugar and proliferate in an acidic environment.  It is important to eliminate pastries, cakes and processed foods from your diet. Reduce your consumption of coffee and avoid alcohol, because they irritate the bladder. Replace deli meats with alkaline proteins (lentils and beans). Drink plenty of water or herbal tea and increase the portion of green vegetables on your plate.

Note: Be sure to consult a doctor if you are experiencing fever or back pain.

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