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Immunity and Infection better to prevent than to cure

Immunity and Infection better to prevent than to cure

Immunity and Infection

Prevention is better than a cure


Keep a supply of Herbasanté’s key products in your medicine cabinet to treat infections that occur from time to time. It’s true that with a weakened immune system we tend to get infections more easily. With overwork and over stress, immune disorders are widespread.…

What weakens our immunity?

  • Overwork • Lack of sleep
  • Chronic stress • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise • Sluggish lymphatic system
  • Sedentary lifestyle • Pollution/Toxins

With fatigue and low immunity, viral infections occur more easily on a seasonal basis, especially in North America in the form of:

  • Flu • Ear infections • Sinusitis • Laryngitis
  • Rhinitis • Bronchitis • Pneumonia • Viral infections

Within a few days the virus causes an infection that may be systemic, such as pneumonia, or, as is often the case, localized in the ENT (ear, nose and throat area), such as bronchitis. A preventive way to act on the immune system for a quick, strong and effective response and to give it the ingredients necessary to optimizing its activity:

In case of infection, the following products will respond to your needs and be of great help to you.

Immunomed capsule supports and strengthens the immune system. Immunomed will reduce the number of acquired infections by affecting positively the lymphatic system’s and white blood cells’ activity.

Bronkotux capsule is our top product for bronchitis with excess mucus and congestion. This product is an expectorant that dissolves thick mucus and acts upon inflammation of ENT mucus membrane 

Viramed capsule acts as a formula for immunity. Relieves sore throat and tonsillitis with drosera, propolis, astragalus, momordica and hydrastis.

Bronkotux Syrup with Umcka acts on bronchitis, colds, excess mucus, cough.

Virazap granule promotes prevention by acting on the immune system’s memory. Strengthens immunity. Helps prevent flu symptoms, fever and aches.

Sinustop liquid for the ENT. Ear infections, sinusitis. Eye and nasal discharge, congestion and irritation.

Infecstop liquid supports the action of other products during infection. Anti-infective acts as support for the immune system.

Lympatox liquid drains lymph, which represents 20% of the immune system. 

Bronkotux kids, syrup for acute dry cough, spasmodic and painful cough, with problems expectorating 

For homeopathic use during infections, the product must be taken at regular intervals up to ten times per day. Homeopathic medicine is to be taken at specific times to obtain effective therapeutic results during infections.

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