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Gentle DETOX KIT 12-day

Easy and safe D-TOX cure. Made in Quebec since 1987.

Toxins tend to accumulate in the liver, colon, kidneys and lymphatic system. To maintain a healthy body, the DETOX KIT program allows a complete detoxification of these systems, and helps to maintain a healthy balance of assimilation and evacuation.

*Inside the DETOX KIT you will find meal plans to follow in addition to the cure.


  • Easy, Fast acting, 12-day Whole Body Herbal Cleanse
  • Provides a detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys and lymphatic system
  • Solubilizes, drains and eliminates toxins
  • Stimulates filtration and elimination organs
  • Acts like a diuretic
  • Activates intestinal transition
  • Relief from constipation
  • Digestive trouble/ dyspepsia
  • Stimulates the secretion of bile
  • Relieves inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, such as gastritis.

Each ampoule of 10 ml contains:
Aesculus hippocastanum 3x, Aloe vera 4x, Anacardium orientale 10x, Antimonium crudum 10x, Arctium lappa 1.25 ml, Argentum nitricum 10x, Arnica Montana 16x, Artemisia absinthium 6x, Artemisia cina 3x, Atropa belladonna 8x, Berberis vulgaris 3x, Berberis vulgaris 1.25 ml, Capsicum annuum 4x, 8x, Carbo vegetabilis 8x, Carduus marianus 3x, Ceanothus americanus 4x, Chelidonium majus 5x, Cinchona officinalis 8x, 10x, 14x, 18x, Cinchona pubescens 8x, 10x Citrullus colocynthis 6x, Colocynthis 10x, Colocynthis vulgaris 6x, Cynara scolymus 3x, Formica rufa 6x, Gentiana lutea 1.25 ml, Glycyrrhiza glabra 1.25 ml, Grindelia robusta 3x, Harpagophytum procumbens 4x, Helonias dioica 6x, Hydrastis Canadensis 6x, Juniperus communis 6x, Lycopodium clavatum 6x, 10x, Lytta vesicatoria 8x, Pneumus boldus 5x, Robinia pseudoacacia 8x, Rubia tinctorum 2x, Rumex crispus 1.25 ml, Salvia officinalis 1.25 ml, Sarsaparilla 6x, Smilax sarsaparilla 1.25 ml, Solidago virgaurea 3x, Spigelia anthelmia 10x, Taraxacum officinale 3x, 4x, Taraxacum officinale 1.25 ml, Uva ursi 3x.

L1 - mild laxative 24 capsules :

Formula  L1 capsules: Artichoke 150 mg, Tamarind 100 mg, Buckthorn 80 mg, Aloes leaf 80 mg, Fumitory 80 mg, Magnesium citrate 50 mg 


-Liquid dosage: 2 teaspoons (10ml) morning and evening in a glass of water before a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Recommended duration of use: take daily for 12 days.

- Capsule dosage: take 1 to 2 capsules before bedtime or as directed by a healthcare professional. 

Allow 6 to 12 hours to see the effects of the laxative. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or health products.

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